About Me

Founder of this page is JoelBeats a Man from Stockholm, Sweden. First connection to music came around the early years of school when his parents bought him a tape-recorder and Rappers Delight with Sugarhill Gang was a big hit on the Radio. Public Service -radioprogram P3-club/dance/soul/hiphop was currently Joels favorite shows and he recorded almost every one on old tape-cassettes. This eventually evolved to Minidisc. When Joel got a CD recorder he started burning his own CDs and audio-files like wav and mp3. Joel started making music in 1995 on a the slowest PC around. The Workstation used was a freeware called FastTrack II which is totally based on samples with a few extra MIDI -functions. At the time Cakewalk with the completely MIDI-based software was not interesting because at the time Joel didn’t own any external synthesizers, drum-machines or samplers. Later bought a Roland MC303 but soon got rid of that piece of crap. As you all know hardware and software evolved very rapidly at the time and Joel are always up to date, even today. The Digital Audio Workstation used now┬áis Logic X which is the latest DAW from Apple. And ProTools when recording other Artists in his own Studio located in Telefonplan, Stockholm.


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