Founder of this page is me Joel "JoelBeats" Gustav DJ/Producer from Stockholm, Sweden.

First connection to music came around the early years of school when my parents bought me a tape-recorder and Rappers Delight with Sugarhill Gang was a big hit on the Radio. Public Service -radioshows P3-club/dance/soul/hiphop was currently my favorites and I recorded almost every one on old tape-cassettes. This eventually evolved to Minidisc. When I got a CD recorder I started burning my own CDs and audio-files like wav and mp3.
Started making music in 1995 on a the slowest PC around. The Workstation used was a freeware called FastTrack II which is totally based on samples with a few extra MIDI -functions. At the time Cakewalk with the completely MIDI-based software was not interesting because I didn't own any external synthesizers, drum-machines or samplers. Later bought a Roland MC303 but soon got rid of that piece of crap. As you all know hardware and software evolved very rapidly at the time and I am always up to date, even today. The Digital Audio Workstation I use now is Logic X which is the latest DAW from Apple. And ProTools when recording other Artists in my Studio located in Telefonplan, Stockholm.